As the president and founder of Elite Sports Psychology (ESP. Miami, FLA.), Dr. Hamilton is committed to taking each individual or team to the next level of their performance. Dr. Hamilton improves confidence and composure through mental conditioning. He builds the mental skills to help athletes reach their goals and compete at their best on any given day. His client’s enjoy the convenience of working with Dr. Hamilton on site and in home. He will come to you!

Dr. Hamilton has worked with individuals and teams who have been ranked number one in the world. He has found that when an athlete believes they are at the highest point or the pinnacle of their career, there is still another level that they can achieve. He has had the privilege of working with youth for 20 years in the school system as a coach, teacher, professor and mentor and has the knowledge to relate to all ages at their stage of development.

Dr. Hamilton works with his clients on issues like PERFORMANCE ANXIETY, FEAR OF FAILURE, personal awareness, self-confidence, motivation, discipline, and self-esteem. By setting goals through relaxation and visualization, clients will increase their effectiveness during pressure situations. Often time he has found that the client may be their own worst enemy due to self-doubt.

There are so many athletes who are not tapping into what they are truly capable of because of fear and also because they have never been taught about the power of Sports Psychology. If you want to take yourself or your team to the next level, Dr. Hamilton and Elite Sports Psychology (ESP) can help you.